Vrooom Kachugga-kachugga

Well, I thought I fixed the car. It ran good this morning, but when I started it up at lunch it did the sputter-sputter-sputter-sputter start thing. Then it did the vrroooooomm-kachugga-kachugga thing. And it did the pop-pop-pop thing. Then it got all fidgety, and just as I wanted to pull out into traffic.


It’s a piece of poo, but I think I have a solution. Instead of paying beaucoup bucks to have the car fixed, why not buy a NEW car and pay the car payments. We’d be throwing money away if we put any more into it, and I’m going to be getting a new car in a few months. And there’s one nearby that I know about that is at a dealership and is abso-friggin-lutely perfect. (Four door VW Golf TDI GLS. Sweet.)

Now the only problem is convincing the ‘rents that it’s the best choice. My car is not safe to drive, and it’s annoying to other people. Bummer. 🙁 I’m hoping my dad won’t be mad at me for waiting so long.

One thought on “Vrooom Kachugga-kachugga”

  1. Yeah, I have a ’98 Dodge Neon that is going Vrooom, Kachugga -Kachugga.

    But, I have to wait for a “New” car. ( cleaning up credit )

    I found this site looking for a cure, I have replaced the plugs and wires and have ran injector cleaner through it. It don’t act like it’s the fuel filter but, I may be wrong.

    Congrats on your new car, I have a freind that has a Golf tricked out. Sharp Ride.

    Anyway, any tips to [email protected]

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