Is dull. Let’s make a list of what I shall do today, shall we?

  1. Make sure the contact form on my company’s web site works. It’s not in the _cgi bin, whatever the hell that is.
  2. Evaluate and modify some PHP scripts for my site. I figure if I use PHPNuke I’ll be able to get a really spiftacular site, but I don’t think I need all the features. If I just make my blog the front page, I don’t think anyone would really care.
  3. Order some business cards, to give to people cause I need a BETTER JOB
  4. Update my resume, cause I need a BETTER JOB
  5. Email Frouke about getting me a BETTER JOB

Is it wrong to use company time to do stuff like this? I guess not, since they’re not giving me ANYTHING to do.

God I’m bored. And boring. Hooray!

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