I have come to the realization that I was born at the wrong time. I was supposed to be born in 1956. This would put me a the perfect age to do all the cool things in life. For example, I would be able to see Led Zeppelin in concert. I’d also be able to be a complete hippie, and follow the Dead around for a season. I’d have a totally bitchin’ time. I’d be able to grow long hair and a beard and not look like a freak. The only thing I’d miss would be my Macintosh… and the Internet.

Last night I went out by myself for the first time ever. I met some friends at Borders and hung out. I had a pretty good time. Unfortunately, I had to go home early because I had, ugh, work.

For some reason it’s “TALK REALLY LOUD” day at work today. I guess it’s because the surveryors are in the office and they’re used to being hundreds of feet away from each other. And I’m not allowed to touch the volume on my stereo, so the soundtrack for my day is loud male voices, keys and mouse buttons, interspersed with unintelligable bits of rock songs. Fun. w00t! At least tomorrow’s the weekend. And I hope I get to sleep in.

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