Sharp Innovations

  • Speakman Company: Custom e-commerce application using the CakePHP MVC framework and AJAX. The data in this application was cross-referenced with competitor’s products and had extremely complex relationships
  • Superior Walls: Custom content management system written in PHP that was integrated with a Flash frontend.
  • American Incorporators, Ltd: Custom e-commerce application written in ASP.NET using C#. The client sold several incorporation packages that had different requirements for fifty states and eight territories, which had to be integrated dynamically into the business logic of the application.


  • Technical Resource Center: Written in ADP with a Java backend, this system allowed users to manage information that was accessed using the API. The backend was supported by numerous Perl and shell scripts to run recurring tasks. Also uses the Fitnesse testing framework with Java fixtures to perform acceptance testing.
  • Developer Network: Using the Liferay content management system, this integrated with the Technical Resource Center to support MapQuests new Free and Developer APIs
  • MapQuest LOLCode API: This project was canceled early in its development, but a sample was released to the public.

Freelance Work

  • Ten Thousand Villages’ Public Relations Site – Design by Jeff Green: This was a WordPress blog with an application to receive and manage press requests written in CakePHP. Jeff sent me the design in raw HTML and I converted it to a WordPress template.
  • Good Lancaster (Defunct) – This was a project to create a directory and calendar of events for Lancaster and the surrounding areas under a partnership with Good Productions. It was initially written in a custom PHP framework. but I ported it to CakePHP.
  • Block Island Guide – I implemented the Good Lancaster Framework for the resort town of Block Island, Rhode Island. I added advertisements, commenting and integration with weather services for forecasts and surf conditions.
  • PMAA Associate Member Network – A membership listing written in CakePHP with two backends, one for members to update their profiles and one for administrators.
  • Dolfin Swimwear Dealer Ordering System (private) – Written in CakePHP, this allows dealers to place orders with Dolfin. This includes the ability to save orders and addresses, as well as a tracking system that lets dealers know which administrator updated their order, as well as email notifications for both administrators and dealers. It integrates with their AIX backend to update inventory levels.
  • Dormnoise (defunct) – This was a calendaring application aimed at college students. I worked on this project to add a rewards center, fix bugs and got it launched with considerable effort. It’s written in PHP, but with a large helping of JQuery to make it more dynamic.
  • PWPA – Helped to port their existing site to WordPress as well as train them in how to use it. Worked with a designer to provide an updated look and integrate it with social media
  • Collectivus – A Django application, the newest version was released at SxSW 2011 and included integration with a JSON web service, HTML5 with geolocation, and OAuth integration with Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter and Gowalla.
  • Deo Veritas – A custom shirt site. Initially written in osCommerce I helped port it to Magento. I also wrote the shirt customizer, measurements systems, and implemented site speed improvements.
  • Nookside Stables Booking System – This application allows users to register for horseback rides. Initially the customer-facing site just integrated with Google Calendar, I wrote a custom backend in CakePHP to allow them to more easily manage appointments.


  • AddThis Core API – I designed this API to allow developers to build the
  • AddThis Developer Docs – Lead the team to curate and update the AddThis developer documents.
  • AddThis Support – Used Desk.com to provide exceptional customer support and feedback to people internally about how our tools are doing. Averaging less than 2 hours to response with over 98% satisfaction. Presented my strategies at DevFest DC
  • Quite a few blog posts

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