This script generates passwords by alternating consonants and vowels to create something that is pronouncable but random. This has been shown to improve password memorability. Also, it makes for fairly secure passwords that are easy to type on an iPhone, which doesn’t offer the facilities to store a password.

Here are the features of the current PHP implementation:

  • Alphanumeric passwords
  • Case-sensitive passwords
  • Passwords using symbols
  • Custom character sets, including overriding the built-in character sets
  • Passwords of varying lengths
  • The ability start with either a vowel or a consonant


  • Case Sensitive?

    This uses capital and lowercase letters in the password

  • Alphanumeric?

    This option uses numbers in addition to letters. 4 = A, 3 = E, 1 = I, 0 = O, 8 = B, 5 = S, 7 = T, 2 = Z

  • Use Symbols?

    This option uses symbols in addition to letters. @ = a, ! = i, $ = S

  • Length:

    This is the number of characters in the password.

  • Custom Vowels:

    This allows you to weight certain vowels, or to include vowel-ly characters I haven’t thought of

  • Custom Consonants:

    Same as the custom vowels, only this time with consonants

  • Use Custom Only

    Use only the custom characters set in the previous boxes. (If you leave them empty, then it will use the default characters)

  • Start with



    Do you want the password to start with a vowel or a consonant?

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