I want it

What’s got four wheels, four doors, a sunroof, and has me thinking about it every minute of every day.

A 99 Jetta Wolfsburg. And it might be mine. Soon…

Obsessing over a car may be stupid, especially if I don’t own it, but, dammit, it’s worth it. And it will be mine.

I fantasize about driving it, about pushing it around the curves up to my school. About having automatic windows and keyless entry. About the neat trick with the windows. (Hold the key when you unlock the door, the windows go down; hold it when you lock, they go up.) About the CD player. About the sunroof. (Sunroof!)

God I want it.

Is it bad to want your car to be all shot to hell so that you can get it.

Hell no. I want it.


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