I said sobering… yeah, that’s it

I am so bored… I have nothing to do today except wait for it to be over. How wonderful… What’s worse is that I have a lot to do at home, but since the little woman’s going out of town, I’ll be able to do it all. Things like creating a new, better looking logo for my site, and maybe making a blogger template for the front page.

I found out that my PHP book is available at the library, but I’m not sure if it’s open. Maybe I’ll shoot up there tomorrow after work or during my lunch hour. Probably after work. I don’t want to wake up at seven since I’d like to catch Cowboy Bebop tonight. Curse you Cartoon Network for putting it on so late. (I think they should buy me a TiVo.)

My new cell should be coming today. Nothing too austentatious, but it is a flippy phone, which I picked out just for the sheer fun of feeling like I’m on Star Trek. (For you geeks who care about these sorta things, it’s a Motorola v.66.) I was going to get the next model up (v. 60), which has a screen on the flip-lid that shows status and who’s calling, but it would have been $100 more, and, quite frankly, I don’t have that kind of money.

I don’t know what I’ll eat tonight. We’re out of milk, if you can call what was in the fridge last night milk, and the cheese has gone moldy. I was planning on going shopping tonight, but I guess I’ll just make a list of the stuff we need and go on Tuesday. (No sense buying food if nobody’s gonna be around to eat it, right?)

Let’s see what Paul has to do tonight: 1) Make a shopping list, 2) Pack to go home, 3) Make a new logo, 4) TV time!!!

What’s on TV tonight? Well, there’s Star Trek @ 8 (Enterprise or TNG), Good Eats at 9, South Park at 10, Futurama at 11, Family Guy at 11:30, and Cowboy Bebop at 1:30. And I’ll be all alone. (Sitting alone, working on a computer, and watching obscure television shows, including anime. Isn’t that the definition of geek?) Maybe I’ll make up a Futurama drinking game. Every time someone says “Fry,” take a shot. Oh, and I’ve added my geek code to this page. I guess that makes it official.

As for my tire, it cost $74.09 and took about 15 minutes, but the guy couldn’t start my car. At first I thought it was just the fuel pump acting screwy, like it has been for a few weeks. But when I walked into the garage, he had my fuse box dangling from the dashboard. I pushed it up and onto the hooks it’s supposed to sit on, connected my shoulder belt to the buckle, and started the car. The mechanic looked at me like I was a god. It was pretty funny, especially since the first words out of my radio were “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.”

Guess that’s it for today. Have a good sol.

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