Phew. Long long time since my last post. I’ve been working on my company’s web page. It’s almost done. I’m waiting on the IT dude to get me a username and password for our host so that I can update it on my own. In the meantime, don’t blame me for typos.

My dad got a new car, so I’m the only member of the fam-damily with a piece of chit. Gotta run to Harry’s to get a couple of parts. (Power relay, vacuum connector) and get an air filter from Pep Boy’s along with a carwash. Today must be car day.

Last week I spent too much time playing Civ III, so I’m gonna stop this week and work on the page when I get done cleaning. Thursday looks like the best day for that, since tonight will be all but gone after the car, cleaning, dinner, and cleaning (floors, windows and dusting) and Wednesday is TV day due to the fine TV lineup. I guess I could start planning things out Wednesday and implement on Thursday.

I’ve been hurtling towards graduation at a staggering rate. By hurtling I mean trudging and by staggering I mean very very slow. Life never seems to move fast enough for me. I guess that’s the nature of the beast that is the Icelander.*

Cowboy Bebop’s back on the air. Huzzah! Good times during lunch, no more depressing History Channel! (I’ve had about all I can take of Nazi war machines and modern marvels.) Adult Swim has rocketed from “Donkey Balls” to “Kick Neck.”

I’ve just realized that I have no life, and I’m okay with that. Good for me.

*I’m not really from Iceland. But I know someone who is. Does that count?

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