Good Mechanics and Turtles

Ahhh… four day weekend…

Friday was spent in Harrisburg dodging insults and licking a wounded ego. My fiance decided to drink two whole pots of coffee, and it was mood-swing-city for the whole day. I was planning on mowing my ‘rents’ lawn, but I didn’t get to it. After she left for Wilkes Barre, I stayed up and watched Bill Moyers with my family. I’m such a party animal.

Saturday started off nice. I got to sleep in and spend time with my family, but I didn’t finish the laundry and I had to drive back. For some reason, it was a grave insult to be passed by me, and I had to go 95 in places just to get around people who accelerated as I tried to pass them. But I got my phone 😀

Saturday night we went to her friend’s grad party, which consisted of her family and us two. But We had a lot of fun, playing poker with a 13 year old and laughing at jackass.

Sunday and monday were the same… cleaning, snuggling, relaxing. Two good days, except I was “in trouble” for wanting to go to sleep at midnight (having work at 8AM) instead of staying up for hours having sex. I should learn to just do it, cause I spent hours trying to get comfortable because somebody decided to lay in the middle of the bed and not move because she was pissed off.

Oh well… Today my task is to finish the site redesign and figure out why my games won’t run anymore. I’m downloading some updates as we speak. Hope you survived Memorial Day without me!

Forgot one thing; the car. Doug Baum, of Baum’s Service Center, checked out all those things, but the only problem he could find was a fuel filter that looked like it was original to the car. Whoa. So he replaced it and it seems to be running better. Wanna know the sign of a great mechanic? Here it is: After putting my new inspection sticker on, he put my little turtle mascot back where it was before I arrived. Wow…

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