Gigger is a funny word

Bored again… naturally…

I finished a complete redesign with colors, logos, and formatting in about 45 minutes yesterday. God bless CSS, right. WRONG. I have nothing to do now. Nothing. No content to add, no databases to design, and nobody to train. I can’t do anything until I get more content, and there’s none coming in. The worst part is that I can’t do anything. BBS is too conspicuous, there’s nothing interesting on the ‘net that I can appreciate with people stomping around, staring at my screen, and using the goddamn copier all day, let alone without sound or quicktime, or the fear that an innocent little link might take me to Pr0n-ville. So I sit here, paranoid… jumping at every person who walks by, hoping to God that they don’t catch me posting, surfing, or staring off into space.

My personal life is great. Party this weekend, and my fiance’s gonna buy me a case (yep, 24 bottles) of Arrogant Bastard today!!! WEEEEEE!!!! All I have to do tomorrow is some cleaning, and most of that can be held over until Saturday, and she’s moving out soon, so I’ll have a few evenings free to do more geeky things.

Like backup my HD and reformat it. I was pricing them today and found that I can get a 60 gig for half of what I paid for a 40 gig two years ago. I might want to pick one of those up, but I don’t know how the little woman would feel about spending money on what she sees as “stupid.” Such is the price I pay to be with a non-geek. My first, probably best solution is to copy the files I want to my spare 10 gig drive and reformat the 40 gigger. But that would take at least 6 hours of work, probably more. Just because one partition decided to go squirrelly. (Note to self: Don’t format the drive in Unix…)

As for this evening, we are having dinner, moving the containers currently in our living room upstairs, and going to Borders. Then it’s Friday… Finally. And not just any Friday, its PAYDAY!!!! 🙂 Let’s hope I have something to do. Getting paid for nothing sucks.

Oh well, here’s to hoping your days are more interesting than mine.

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