Cowboy Bebop Stole My Brain

I have to stop staying up late to watch Adult Swim. I’m getting about seven hours of sleep a night and I need more. It’s totally worth it, but I’m consistently late for work and eventually, maybe, someone will say something about it. (Kinda like me doing no actual work all day. hehe.)

I didn’t get much done last night, but s’alright, I’ll get it done tonight. Today feels like a day when I’ll have the motivation. God Itself wants me to get out of bed, It showed me this morning when “Everyday” came on VH1 and made me get out of bed. (That video always makes me cry. I especially like the part when Billy Gates doesn’t want to hug the guy. Completely realistic.)

Anyhoo, today at work will be kinda productive, at least in the latter half. I have an org chart to make, some new bullets, and I have to edit the logo. Again. And soon my supervisor will be getting me more content. w00t! In the meantime, I’m trying to keep my script hand strong by doing research and noodling with HTML. Fun stuff.

Tonight is the night my computer gets wiped. Clean installs make things gooder, or so I hear. But it will be a process that’ll take a little work and time.

And I have no money. Yay for me. $40 to spend between now and 6/13. You know how people worry about the security of online banking. Not me. If anyone got into my bank account, they’d have to deposit money before they could take any out, which would probably be me. Ah, the life of a college student.

I think the worst part about being this close to a real job is the waiting. There are so many things I want to buy, but I don’t have the money. Yet. So all I can do is make lists of things I want, like a GPS unit, an iPod, a Powerbook, a new car, a pair of Agent Smith sunglasses… I guess I’m just being a good little consumer. It’s not that I’m not happy with or thankful for the things that I have now, it’s just that I would like new things because the ones I have are breaking down, and I’ve done all the cool things I can with them.

Hope everyone out there is consuming to your utmost.

One thought on “Cowboy Bebop Stole My Brain”

  1. Let’s see…
    1) iPod: Check
    2) New Car: Check
    3) Powerbook: Check.

    What’s funny is I’d give it all back to feel like I felt the day I wrote this. I really, really miss my apartment.

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