Some enterprising Boxee hackers have created a plugin that lets you view Hulu on your Boxee install. Lifehacker has some great documentation. I knew it wouldn’t take long for this to happen. I predict two outcomes: Content providers will figure out that we’re going to get their content on Boxee one way or the other, or they’ll pull everything from Hulu immediately, just to make extra sure nobody can watch their content on their televisions over the Internet.

Sadly, the latter is far more likely. I still think, though, we should send empty boxes to the networks. Or, even better, send them boxes with a piece of paper in them. On the paper write “A Clue.” Because they obviously need one.

This is also a great illustration of the power of a network. We saw a blockage, and routed around it. The Internet was designed for this sort of thing. It’s a force of nature now, like a wave. Old industries can either start paddling and ride the wave, or they can resist it and be smashed to bits.