A Sizzle Hannibal Lector Would Love

Wow. My brain is fried… I don’t have anything to do at work, but I did do something all day. Apparently, XML doesn’t like me. I can’t make it do things. That makes me sad because I’d like to use XML at some point.

I have clASS tonight. I don’t want to go. I could do all of the work for that class in a weekend. It’s so friggin’ simple. That’s good and bad. Good because the group will get a good grade. Bad because I won’t do any damn work.

I got my computer reformatted. Doing fun things is fun. Now I just need to reinstall my apps and noodle with some shareware to make it wicked awesome. I’m running the [email protected] CLI client, meaning faster doings of things. Going to get Earthdesk so I can gaze at this pathetic planet as I plan my domination. Expect timeline soon.

Hillary’s coming up. YAY, except I won’t be able to noodle, but YAY! Happy. Except she’s mad at me because I’m stupid. I hate being mad at myself. House is clean. New stairs up. Pictures when I A) get digicam and B) get time to noodle with site, which will only be after C) getting my sturf installed. Blech.

Hope you’re not as bored and burned as I am. w00t.

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