I’ve gotten into quite a heated debate about what I hate about PSU in the Soapbox. Let me state that, first, I don’t think all greek societies are bad. I take issue with the ones who dominate a school, and who look down on non-greeks. That being said, all of the greek societies I’ve contacted have been snooty and evil. I don’t like them at all.

Second, I don’t like the Honors College because it doesn’t play by its own rules. Instead of picking out people who are intelligent, it picks out the ones who work harder than everyone else. If they said “This school is for the people who work hard.” Then I wouldn’t mind. However, when I’m twice as smart as some of the people in the Honors College (at least among those I’ve come in contact with), and I wasn’t selected, I get a little miffed.

I know I’m lazy, and that school is not as important to me as, say, quantum mechanics, and I know I dont’ work hard. In that case, I don’t belong in the Honors College. But if it was for intelligence, I’d say I do.

As for football: I don’t really have a problem with it, so long as it doesn’t usurp the prominence from scholastics. College should be about learning first, and socialization and sports second if at all.

Of course, these are just elitist ideas without any common sense behind them.

Two classes down, four to go.

Books, as usual, are too freakin’ expensive. And how much of it is available on the Internet? About 95%, and you don’t have to worry about that stuff going out of date. The smart college student wouldn’t buy books. But color be gullible; I’m buying them. (Of course, I’m getting reimbursed.)

My car continues to run well. It’s a joy to drive, and if it keeps this up I’m not sure if I’ll replace it..

Sorry there’s nothing really new. I live an interesting life.

If you’re comatose.

Three day weekends rule.

First, the car: Fixed, runs better than ever. Needs oil change in 2000 miles, though.

Had a relaxing weekend, caught up on a lot of sleep, got to sleep outside. (Hearing crickets all around you is the best way to fall asleep, even if it’s hot.)

This is my last first day of school. It’s my final semester, but I can’t apply for intent to graduate until I know that I’ll be taking French. But, my dad got the application mailed wednesday, so it got their friday of last week and so it should be coming any day now.

What really sucks is that, for the first time ever, I’m excited about school. I want to go back because I know I have great classes and teachers and I’ll learn and do a lot.

On the other hand, I’ll probably be making $25 an hour once I get outta school, which will also be nice.

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I don’t understand women sometimes and leave it at that.

Called my parents last night. Still no word on poo car, but my dad’s gonna call today and see how much it’ll cost. I also got my mom to check the dead tree format of the classifieds to make sure my car (the 99 Jetta Wolfsburg) is still in there.

I figured out what I’m going to name it: If it’s red, it’ll be Swordfish, after Spike’s spaceship in Cowboy Bebop, and the first song will be “Tank!”. If it’s black or silver, it will be called “Fredges” after the dude who helped me by calling VW and asking a question regarding the engine in the car. The first song will be “Voodoo Child” by Hendrix.

I’m going to call my mom at noon to ask her if she looked in the paper yet.

I’m getting really excited.

I get to noodle with mySQL, PHPMyAdmin, and PHP today in creating databases. Good times, but I wish I had a reference other than the Internet. It sucks having to switch back and forth between windows.

My dad sent my registration for French 3 yesterday at noon, so that’s a load off of my shoulders. Looks like the Icelander’s gonna graduation a semester early. Freakin’ A.

I’m going to be moving my blog from Blogger to here, so in the process you’ll suddenly start seeing entries from before I started this blog. I have NOT, repeat NOT invented a time machine.

Is dull. Let’s make a list of what I shall do today, shall we?

  1. Make sure the contact form on my company’s web site works. It’s not in the _cgi bin, whatever the hell that is.
  2. Evaluate and modify some PHP scripts for my site. I figure if I use PHPNuke I’ll be able to get a really spiftacular site, but I don’t think I need all the features. If I just make my blog the front page, I don’t think anyone would really care.
  3. Order some business cards, to give to people cause I need a BETTER JOB
  4. Update my resume, cause I need a BETTER JOB
  5. Email Frouke about getting me a BETTER JOB

Is it wrong to use company time to do stuff like this? I guess not, since they’re not giving me ANYTHING to do.

God I’m bored. And boring. Hooray!

Welcome to my new blog. This is one running on b2, not blogger. It gives me a little more control and allows me to not have to use blogger anymore, which is kinda okay, I guess.

Not that there’s anything wrong with blogger, it’s just their proprietary tags made the page hard to customize. b2 uses simple PHP tags to get the information from a database, which is wicked easy to understand and makes creating a special page for me real easy.

What’s got four wheels, four doors, a sunroof, and has me thinking about it every minute of every day.

A 99 Jetta Wolfsburg. And it might be mine. Soon…

Obsessing over a car may be stupid, especially if I don’t own it, but, dammit, it’s worth it. And it will be mine.

I fantasize about driving it, about pushing it around the curves up to my school. About having automatic windows and keyless entry. About the neat trick with the windows. (Hold the key when you unlock the door, the windows go down; hold it when you lock, they go up.) About the CD player. About the sunroof. (Sunroof!)

God I want it.

Is it bad to want your car to be all shot to hell so that you can get it.

Hell no. I want it.


I’m pissed.

Really pissed.

I don’t understand things sometimes.

Let me start of by saying I’m thankful for everything I have and that I will get.

And then let me say that it’s not fair.

My dad said last night that with the $5,000 he’s giving me for graduation, I could buy a nice car “like Al’s”. (Al’s my little brother.) Now, I don’t see this as fair because my dad bought Al’s car for him, and I’m going to have to spend MY money getting my car, and it’ll be “just as good as” his. Sound fair? Damn straight it’s not. He’s the little brother, I’m the big brother. I get stuff, he waits. It is the order of things. I don’t get the crappy car, he does.

And the other thing I’m pissed about is this: I’m going to be busting my balls next semester to graduation early. Among other things, I’m going to be saving my dad $5,000 in tuition and room & board. So, in effect, he’s only giving me the money he’s saving (that he’s already budgetted for) by me busting my balls. It’s not really a present, more like a bonus.

And it pisses me off. And then I feel like a shmuck cause a lot of other people don’t even have cars or houses or graduation presents. But it would be the same if I was walking a mile to get water for my family so my dad would save on a new well pump, and then he gives me the money he’d pay on a new well pump as a present for my coming of age. Or if my younger brother got the herd of cattle for his dowry, and I got the goats. It’s a matter of principle and it’s pissing me off.

Blah, didn’t work.

Dad says take it somewhere to get checked out.

Hill said to come back up with me next week so, YAY! I have company! Good times.

BUt no new car, and no new car for a while. Bummer and a half.

Updates later, drinking now.