On November 14, 2007, my life changed forever.

I went to see Streetlight Manifesto at the Chameleon Club.

The concert was awesome. I was right next to the stage, so I got the whole effect of being in the pit with the kiddies without having my eardrums blown out, since most of the sound went over my head. Unlike most of the over 21 crowd, I didn’t go up to the balcony to have a drink. And it was a good thing. I wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun sitting far away from the bands, out of the crowd like some stodgy old man, even though I was one of the oldest people in the audience.

The first band was some crappy local ska band. I knew things weren’t going well when he whipped out his electronic saxophone and they played the Super Mario Brothers theme.

The next band up was a huge improvement. It was The Stitch Up, which is a side project of the frontman for Mu 330. He played some solo stuff for a while and then the band members came on stage and rocked the house. They invited one of the audience members on stage to play one of the songs and he was actually pretty good.

We found out during their set the some douchebag in Philly had stolen Suburban Legends’ van and stole all of their instruments, so they weren’t going to be there. So the next band was the main act.

There aren’t words to describe Streetlight’s set. Everyone in the crowd knew all of the words to their songs, even the ones on the album that had been released less than a week ago. The band is incredibly talented and the songs are catchy and great for the type of venue they were at.

Unfortunately, they only played until 9:15 because it was an all ages show, but it was great while it lasted.

As for Hillary, I got her takeout from her favorite sushi place and her friend came down to hang with her. I was home by 9:30, so she felt better about that. This weekend I’m going to take the baby to my parents’ so that she can have some alone time in exchange for her letting me go to what was seriously the best concert I’ve ever been to.