Calling someone an atheist is apparently slander

Elizabeth Dole has released an ad that has audio of her opponent, Kay Hagan, shouting “There is no god.” But there’s a little problem with it. That never actually happened. Dole either faked the audio, or used another women who sounds a lot like Hagan to record it and played it over a picture of Hagan. Kay responded with two ads of her own, and a cease and desist letter calling the accusation that she is an atheist slanderous.

Now, slander is defined as “the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation.” Now, I can understand that calling Hagan, who is active in her church, an atheist would be innaccurate. But is it defamatory? Are Christians really that insulted by being accused of being atheists that it would be slander? Would it really be so bad for a group of people to think you’re an atheist.

So I’m not sure which is more insulting: That calling someone an atheist is considered a political attack, or that such an attack is considered slander by believers. I mean, how do you think people would have responded if Obama had called the attacks that he is a Muslim slander?

Ads below the fold.

Here’s Dole’s attack ad:

Here’s both of Hagan’s ads:

4 thoughts on “Calling someone an atheist is apparently slander

  1. What some are not understanding is that Kay Hagan being accused of being atheist is no where near getting Obama’s religion wrong. Atheism is not a religion. It is a state of mind refusing to believe in any religion. This in turn will hurt Kay Hagan’s reputation, thus being defamatory. Why would Liddy Dole even make such a remark unless she was trying to win the election by down grading her opponent. Someone accusing another of not believing in God can only be slander. Why else would they accuse?

  2. To call a good human being a thing like a vile thing like an atheist when when they are not is slander, regardless.

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